The design aspect of a website is the first stage and is crucial in order for you to show the world who you are and display your knowledge, skills and expertise. More importantly, it is the platform upon which you will be selling your products or services.

In order to get the most out of a website and maximise your exposure to a wide audience, you need creativity, attention to detail and a guiding hand. This is where Dream Catcher Design comes in. Our team of web design, graphic design and content professionals are all qualified in their respective fields and possess more than ten years of experience working with individual clients and larger firms. Aside from creating your website, we believe in helping our customers achieve their objectives by offering advice, reviewing and improving ideas as well as maintaining constant communication.

Our bespoke web design turns your good ideas into great looking websites tuned to the needs of your business. At Dream Catcher Design we believe it is important to understand what drives our clients’ businesses in order to help them grow in a fast and effective manner.

What is so special about Dream Catcher Design?


Unlike the hundreds of web design companies out there, we create our websites with your business in mind.

This is why from start to finish our team will be in liaison with the client in order to ensure the completed product is to the utmost satisfaction.


The majority of web designers these days use an array of readily available material that comes with the software they purchase or cheap template galleries. Our bespoke designs on the other hand use original work every time. Our goal is to make your business stand out, not blend in. This is why we are the only web design company that also offers Logo design in order to maximise your brand awareness.


Although we rarely experience difficulties, there might be an occasion where you need to consult one of our experts for a technical issue. For this reason our technical team is at hand to answer your questions and solve your problems via remote assistance and should this incur a cost, we’ll tell you upfront.


It can be daunting to put your ideas in the hands of obscure web design companies, especially with so many ‘cowboy’ designers on the Internet today. This is why DCD offers a full money back guarantee should we fail to deliver what was promised. Our design team will always be in touch during the site building steps in order to ensure we are heading in the right direction, so please take this time to rectify any issues or ask for a cancellation.