Competitors offering similar bespoke Web Design services such as Web Development companies or Freelance web designers will charge prices starting from £300 a day for coding and development.  

They will also need to consult Graphics Designers if you require services such as creating a unique logo or exceptionally detailed photography and graphics at a ball-park fee of £250 a day. 

A professionally built, state of the art dynamic brochure website requires a minimum of 2 weeks to complete averaging at around £4750* while a complex E-commerce dynamic website for a medium to large business will require in excess of £10,000. Furthermore, branding is crucial to the success of a business, whether it is a company or simply Freelance work.

Having your own Logo adds that professional touch and will help you secure and retain clients through Visual Representation and uniqueness. 

Having your brand Logo on your website, business card, e-mail signature and headed paper sends out the right message, builds confidence and recognition in your brand